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7:22 a.m. - July 18, 2003
On the blind and online chat
Final exam delivered this morning, T.A.s will grade this afternoon, I'll sign off on this course by 4:00 and call it a day. Monday brings a new crop of students and a revised syllabus.

These are the things to which I look forward. Run while ye may.

Last night I didn't sit down and prepare my presentation which means I'm doing it today and truly, I'd put it off until tomorrow were I able. It's not procrastination, simply a lack of desire and too much time spent online. It's becoming worrisome. I need to investigate making the jump from the pixellated to the corporeal but unfortunately not even my online existence is free from social gaffes and sheer insipidness, which bodes poorly for any in vivo connections. Ah, I'm too hard on myself. Spent four hours chatting with a guy from Chicago and didn't get into bed until 2 a.m. and I'm alarmed, worried, embarrassed. This is not normal behavior for Jason.

You ever wonder if the blind are given X-marks-the-spot maps for brailled signage? I wonder because the braille sign that says Union Station is on a post some four and a half feet off the ground surrounded by dying shrubbery. I wonder about things like that. Yes, of course I know braille signage is merely a formality and complies with ADA regulations, but I think were I blind I'd seek out the signage just to make sure it's there.

I'm tired.


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