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10:20 a.m. - February 08, 2003
On disappointed would-be indulgences and a woman engaged in the non-descript, yet I'm drawn to her
Must accomplish a good deal of work today, book-related, presentation-related, writing-real-letters-related. It is cold out - uncomfortable by California standards, about 40 degrees - and early this morning drove to my favorite cafe for an intended mug of chocolate and a made-on-premises hot blackberry scone, never mind the fat and calories, envisioning a newspaper by plate glass, the whir of the cappuchino machine, a bit of what I consider luxury. The cafe is closed for remodeling and as I read the sign saying Call again in early May! I thought how fitting.

Came home and had cereal and no matter how many berries I sprinkled, it didn't equate.

My new neighbor to the side complimented me on the cala lilies and asked if she could cut some, so I'm watching her right now and her movements are feline, very smooth and graceful and I admire the way she handles scissors. I wonder if she knows I'm watching her, and I wonder more if she thinks I'm watching her because I'm concerned with how many blooms she's gathering, or if maybe she thinks I'm hard up and hoping for a glimpse of tit or ass or any permutation thereof, but I'm watching because she looks so happy and I want to know what she knows.

They are beautiful, these calas.


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