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5:30 p.m. - January 02, 2003
I am sick of because and but, my two best friends
I'm moved to inaction regarding the positions in Salt Lake City and I'm puzzled. Puzzled because I don't understand the origin of this antipathy towards obtaining and forwarding records, letters of recommendation, the formal applications. The deadline for both positions is tomorrow and I've decided to not care.

Now, is this a symptom or seeing clearly?

I turn down job offers to teach. I dream about relocating and experiencing a new locale, but don't pursue it. Offered jobs in Sacramento (hell no), the fast-track at SLC, the others before and to each I'm earnest when I say I will check into this and go so far as interview but really, all I want to do is stay put. Who am I kidding; this is a symptom. I don't want change.


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