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1:44 p.m. - February 28, 2003
Friday afternoon, all is quiet, all is calm
Home early and it is official, my weekend has begun but hold the party hats - as per custom, I'm writing and going for the walk with the borrowed canine. Earlier today while talking with a colleague who told me of her planned date tonight, a baby shower followed by a party with another date Saturday, and a rehearsal for a dance recital Sunday, I realized my weekends are a bit . . . dead. No shocker, I know and I'm tempted to give The Guy a call but really, what I want to do is go out to a movie. Hmmm. I'll call A[deleted]a and prepare myself to listen all about Joe - they're back together and what more can I say?

Brother left message on the machine and he wants to know if he can house sit while I'm in Washington, D.C. this summer and I'm not sure if this is a trick question. I've been able to dodge his inquiries and requests about my providing him with free shelter during his post-graduation transition but the clock is ticking. He graduates in May and is desperate to leave San Diego and sees my empty bedrooms as space for the taking. He's not the only one desperate to get out - I'd gladly switch roosts with him if his place in San Diego wasn't surrounded on all sides by cholo gangbangers, wailing abuelitas, and incessant visits by the police; that was all on Day One of my visit a few years ago. Apparently things have improved and I'll take his word for it. Sharing quarters with my brother is murky at best; he is loud, normal, a near-stranger.

Could be an opportunity, though.

But he's never been one to follow the rules; he would defy expectations regarding the pee bathroom and the poo bathroom, I know it. Jesus. Of all things to be concerned about!

Thanks to those of you who've sent emails and to those who didn't: You get a mouthful of sticky stuff.



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