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6:41 p.m. - June 24, 2003
A photo, a warning, a comment on capitalist hegemony
I'm in my office killing time because I missed the shuttle to the Foggy Bottom metro station and, inconveniently, the shuttle driver is entitled to a dinner break and thus shuttle transportation is interrupted between 5:54 and 7:20. I am not in the mood to walk the distance between here and there, don't want to pass the trendy stores (organic naturopathic soap, $2.50 per bar) or restaurants filled with tourists who have yet to learn that escalators are divided into two sections: The walk-down and the ride-down. I'm feeling particularly hostile tonight. If you're nearby and value enterprises that celebrate their unique identity but are merely subdivisions of anonymous corporate hierarchies separating the truly novel from the Restoration-Hardwarization and Pottery-Barn-homogonizing effects, I suggest you take a stroll. Otherwise, let's be misanthropic together.

Stayed later than usual not because I wanted to compare my morning and early-evening views [see below for my morning view] but because my dean scheduled an impromptu meeting that necessitated Door Closure, an always-ominous sign heralding an event horizon. My event horizon was my dean sitting down and asking, Rumors are circulating around the department regarding your possible involvement with one of our staff. I want to remind you of our strict non-fraternization policy regarding students [editor's note: I was dumbfounded; the student I lust over read my mind and reported me?] and while that policy does not include staff members such as Marti, I'd like to caution you against anything that may detract from the overall effectiveness of the office, the department, and our instructional quality. Because I spend most of my lunch hour with Marti instead of in the stuffy Professor's Lounge where nobody else is because it's summer and all the truly intelligent people flee DC during the season rumors fly? Jesus, I left kindergarten behind when I completed the last lecture today. I protested and she simply smiled, said it was her responsibility to let me know people are talking. What people? Essentially it's a skeleton staff, about 10 professors, 3 visiting. We rarely interact much less demonstrate rumor-building intrigue but perhaps those are the most fecund opportunities.

I'm feeling more talkative than I have lately.

Meeting tomorrow with Barbara-the-Editor.

I've been asked to consider taking on another course, a Monday / Wednesday hour and a half. Sure, why not; the 6 hour course isn't enough, right? Obviously so because all I've managed to do while I've been here is sit in my townhouse and feel sorry for myself.

The view from my office:

A close up. I like the roof. Notice the haze; this is considered a very light day.


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