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7:38 a.m. - July 27, 2003
On phone sex and church and erotica (gasp!)
To church this morning, an old church, old by East coast standards and not California-old which is 30+ years in avocado green and orange and a Jetsons-inspired 60s-kitsch astro sign illuminating Church here! Church here! in alternating blinks.

On the phone last night for five hours and we had phone sex. Phone sex wasn't for me until he dropped the talk and I could listen to his breathing and then whoa! some nasty talk came out of nowhere. A very good talk and I feel like I've met an entirely new guy and am enjoying getting to know him. Roll your eyes, go ahead. I know. Dreamed of sex last night and maybe it's from reading Maya's journal or my own guilt over the erotica piece that's coming out in September (deliberate choice of words, that), but it was unpleasant sex dreamology. Exorcise the bogeyman and perhaps I'd be left a hollow sphere ready to be filled.


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