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10:14 a.m. - December 17, 2003
Come with, but get away quickly
Last night post-marina I was horny so visited The Guy and I reciprocated. Frankly, if I don't choke it's no fun.


I can't see Return of the King until Friday. This is agony. Ryan II bought tickets and has planned an event: Early dinner, long movie, I sleep over at his place. That, folks, is trust or at least an overnight manifestation of bravery. Now, if he had managed to obtain tickets for tonight, the plan may have been early dinner, long movie, and a sublime gift of what John calls bootay, but I have to keep my cards close. Sometimes I forget that I dislike bootay.


Taking my father and his Woman Friend to the airport in a little while. They're off to Miami and then an 18-day cruise through the Carribbean. I hope someday I'll feel comfortable enough with someone to be sequestered in close quarters for nearly three weeks straight. The notion makes my eyeballs ache, though. Dana and I never went on a vacation longer than 9 days, and the longest with Spec was about 12 days - that was the trip through the Carolinas - and with both I climbed the walls 2-3 days into it. I enjoy being close to people but just as much as I yearn for intimacy I'm overwhelmed and have to get away.

After the books are released (July 5, 2004!) and I receive my first royalty check (scheduled for December, 2004), I'm going to plan my trip to South America. Peru and Chile for sure, possibly Easter Island and the Galapagos. I hope 2005 will be a good year, one in which I start doing the things I've always wanted and denied myself. Another hope: I'd like to travel with somebody.

Of course, have to traverse 2004 first.



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