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10:30 p.m. - November 08, 2003
I wish Spec were here, I do.
I did well today and how could I not, especially when I made my introductory remarks in French and half the audience became my blood-siblings from the off, with the rest mollified by extensive handouts in English?

Canadians are easy to please, I suspect, after one woman commented that I would make a fine prime minister. An idea I hadn't considered before, eh?

I am tired and cannot wait to return to California. It is COLD here and I'm concerned for tomorrow's tour because I didn't bring anything thicker than my windbreaker [editor's note: Stuipd, stupid, stupid oversight.] and am disinclined to bring a cold / flu / something worse home as a souvenir. I have two québecoises as tour guides tomorrow, and that should be fun. Who would have thought speaking French to those who speak French would score me such brownie points? If I didn't worry about frost on my ass, I'd work this the best I can because I am h o r n y and people here are beautiful. Man, woman, I'd take either or / both at the same time.

Why do I say these things?

I could never be prime minister of Canada - Canadians confuse me.


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