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7:08 a.m. - September 08, 2003
Thought of the day
I have a sex question for those in the know, which is likely everybody but myself. Pardon the graphic nature but some things are best said bluntly: When I fuck Spec, his dick is always hard and flopping around. When he fucks me, sometimes I'm hard but mostly not; is this normal? I'm thinking it has to do with comfort ratios because deny it all he wants, Spec loves to take it and you can see it in his face, but for me it's a hit-or-miss venture. Most of the time it doesn't feel good, but every once in a while something clicks and I can't get enough.

Was wondering about that last night / this morning.

I also wonder if I lead him on and I dislike the suspicion I do. Games. I hate them.


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