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12:26 p.m. - June 25, 2003
General uneasiness on one hand, general contentment on the other
I am beginning to enjoy my students and not just because they seem to like me and ask probing, sincere questions, evidence completion of reading assignments, and maintain a near-eager motivation for the entire duration of this six-hour course. Yesterday we didn't even take a break during the afternoon portion. With this group I can pose a question and they, in true Socratic fashion, debate and analyze and return in the morning with more thoughts.

I feel comfortable in a way and not simply because it's an academic setting; it's more a general, overall comfort along the lines of going into your favorite store and the clerk having put something aside just for you.

Ray, Ray, Ray. I haven't (had time? the opportunity? the desire?) written about him, most likely because I haven't truly sat down and pondered and felt guilty yet. Denial, that. He's an odd one, disconcerting; he's causing me to re-evaluate my paradigms and foundational assumptions in a neutral fashion. If I had to minimize, I'd say he's pursuing me and I'm unsure what to do. I'm unfamiliar with this sort of context.

That's a cop-out and a bit too reductionist for me but so easy to say.


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