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4:41 p.m. - January 06, 2003
Nothing of note, even through the lens of me, happened today
Lunch went well, my books and office supplies arranged, and I brought out the old fashioned coat rack from where I hid it when I left school last year. I never wear a coat but I like the look and yes, when I'm gone for good the coat rack comes with. Latent desires unmask and sometimes I surprise myself because other than books liberated from university libraries, I've also taken a table and two photos over the years.

Yeah, I dunno why I'm telling you this.

Trying to put together a new design and I'm frustrated as always but I like the challenge. Thinking of doing a blog rather than remaining here at Diaryland but I'm hesitant; I want to journal primarily, yet also do commentary on politics and do serious (or not so serious) book reviews, and maybe Non-Descript isn't the place for all of this. I feel the urge to write again and it's about time. Any ideas?

Read these entries and the apple I was eating at the time tasted like rot.

Am not answering the telephone and may change my voicemail greeting. My Leave A Message strikes some as rude and curt (uh... yeah) and I've been working on answering the phone with Hello instead of Yeah? for the same reasons. That said, I'm not up for practice right now.

Twids, can I have a second chance?

The yellow daisy bush plant green thing that I thought was dead has bloomed bright petals and what a welcome sight it is.


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