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5:47 a.m. - June 23, 2003
First day jitters all is normal all is calm all is a Christmas song?
I'm scared, the usual jitters keeping me up but there's nothing left to do except not trip while in front of the room. I've even timed the walk from my office to the classroom to avoid being late or too early. I always do fine, I know I do, but one day I won't and that's what I dread.

Water bottle: check

Syllabi: check

Lecture materials: check

Dry-Erase markers: check

Roster: check

Reading Packet I: check

I arrived here far too early and it is quiet in my building, quiet on campus, quiet all over the city.

I will do fine, I will do fine, I will do fine. An email from Ray made me smile but does little for the butterflies. Anxiety sucks.


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