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7:23 p.m. - January 09, 2003
The book is rolling, lines don't move, and I flirt with mothers
This afternoon's chat with Barbara-the-Editor went well and plans are set to film the DVD beginning February, which means I will have to go East at least twice and I laughed a bit thinking When can I fit this into my schedule? The book will be posted on Amazon in the next few weeks and that in itself is enough ice in my shorts to make me jig from both pleasure and pain.

She pushed again for my photo on the book (back cover, lower third, left-to-center) with the brief biography and I'm none too thrilled with the idea and while it's not that I envisage fleeing from the hordes of fans like a scene from a low-budget straight-to-video movie, I'm concerned that my (ahem) youthful looks may impair gravitas and credibility. Yeah, Barbara-the-Editor didn't buy that argument either.

And I have another extension - I didn't have to ask - until the beginning of February, anyway. Why the surprise last-minute flexibility? They are going to print my book at two presses simultaneously and ship directly, which is less on-press time and more No Rush time. Apparently I didn't respond enthusiastically enough because Barbara-the-Editor said That's rare, very rare.

I guess. I suspect that nothing will truly sink in until I have my book in my hands and promptly put it away out of sight; I'm sick of this project and I feel I've been in labor for two years. Wait, I have - ha, get the entendre? - but I was thinking more along the lines of pushing this hated thing out of my body and handing over the polyp to a caretaker for disposal.

And after this one, there are five left. Five!


Ran into a former student and her mother tonight at Trader Joe's (almonds, blueberries on sale $.99, cereal) and both asked Did you get married yet and I smiled and said No, no, no time for that and made small talk while standing in a line that simply did not move. Mother left the line to retrieve another item and former student said She's flirting with you She always thought you were cute and I laughed awkwardly and tried not to recoil. But yeah, she was one of the more active parents but I no longer have a teacher's desk in a classroom and cannot play Teacher - Student.

Oh. But I do have an office. And in a few years I'll be hooded and she could call me Dr. Jason or Professor Jason or just plain Daddy. Mmmmm.

Where is my mind tonight other than the gutter?


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