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10:26 a.m. - March 02, 2003
On funerals and remonstrances
Leaving for the funeral in a few minutes and maybe it's poor timing, a sloppy confluence of this event with negative feelings, but I have to remind myself that this journal is a work in progress, it's an exercise in what I consider my retransitioning from one to the other and that this may invite comment or - gulp - people who may want to get to know me better. And part of this should be the willingness not necessarily to embrace every Wandering Jew as Friend, but to consider those who come my way in a more amiable fashion, neither suppositioning threat and harm and thus indulging these preconceived notions of mine.

At heart, I want to get to know people, too. But I don't know how. Make sense? I'm a work in progress, very slow work, but work nonetheless.


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