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8:55 a.m. - December 15, 2003
I don't normally do this, but there are occasions in which turning to neighbors can be handy
Ryan II stops by last night to deliver an early Christmas present (must talk to the guy about taking things slower!) and one thing led to another and he perused my porn stash - horrified that it's all straight. [Editor's note: stash suggests quantity; I have two videos, three magazines (all straight), and then the gay magazine and it was quite amusing to explain why I possess that one to the horn dog. He wants me to write something about him. See what fame brings forth? Requests to write erotica starring Ryan II. Myopism, that.] He literally recoiled and shivered and asked Why do you have that? with a look of absolute revulsion on his face. I had to play with him - so said I love pussy, love the smell and taste of going down on a woman, love working my tongue so that when she comes it's a shooting fountain. He has what I can only term a fear of female genitalia and this amuses me a great deal.

He implored me to obtain some Ryan II-friendly porn and I said I'll consider it. There's my prohibition about ordering anything online remotely connected to the evil gay menace, but I can figure a way to get around that. So, my worldly august readers [editor's note: damn the cricket chorus]: If you were me and about to make a first entry into viewing gay porn, what would you suggest?

I confess a lackluster motivation here; I'm fairly uptight (fairly?) and don't want to disrupt this carefully packaged comfort zone of mine. So, legions of gay fans, what would you recommend I get?

(I know what's going to happen: Nobody's going to suggest anything because, well, that's how this journal is at times. While I scoff, it is also straightforward interest. Err... it is a fabulous interest. Is that better?)

On a final note: The very first time I've written that word. Ah, I'm being silly this morning.

That happens after I have great sex.


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