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10:42 a.m. - September 23, 2003
Go (away) Republicans, Go (away) Dems, Go (the fuck for sure) Davis, Go (home) Everybody Else
Ah, so the October 7 recall election is back again, and I sense Arnold potentially capitalizing on that phrase thanks to the unanimous overturning of the court's decision. I think every Californian, regardless of political affiliation, is tired of this madcap absurdity.

I'm also tired of the ACLU. Their argument, that several counties "still" use the punch ballot and thus there is the possibility that hundreds - even thousands - or hundreds of thousands - of minority votes could be mis-, un-, or dis- counted was reasonable ground to delay the election until March (why March? Those counties still can't afford new ballot machines, so is the ACLU going to finance them?). I'd say it's a partially tenuous, partially legitimate claim because ya know, people are too dumb to actually look at their ballot and spot the dimpled chads, the hanging chads, the only-one-corner-dislocated chads, the gee-why-didn't-the-punch-work-in-the-right-hole chads.

Come on, people. Even the marginalized, the poor, the downtrodden, the minority, the majority-minority bloc, the middle, working, and upper class, the mildly intelligent and the mildly stupid can inspect their ballot before slipping it into the box. This surely is another symptom of us lazy Americans expecting life to be easy and requiring as little determination, thought, and effort as possible.

Next thing you know, the ACLU will be representing school kids arguing their homework is too hard and advocating the right to homework ombusdmen-and-women because ya know, life is tough and shouldn't be.

I'm feeling particularly irksome today.


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