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8:50 a.m. - February 11, 2003
It's morning, I'm singing (was, rather), I'm in a good mood
Minutes before class and I'm looking for a citation and who cares, I speak with enough authority as it is.

It's a great morning!

Everybody should listen to Neil Diamond: The Collection while in traffic. It does a body good. Or is that milk? Well, I had milk as well - and fresh raspberries with my cereal - and sang off-key, ill-tuned, like the spastic moron in the car next to you. You know the type. Yup, that's me.

I worked on the book all last night and found comfort in the whir of the laser printer.

The stats thing says I'm down to 9 readers per day. Who are you? Identify yourself in the guestbook, would you? On second thought, don't; I don't want to mislead myself with assumptions.

Have a good one.



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