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6:38 p.m. - February 24, 2003
Letters from grandma, wind and rain, a great day
Class this morning, 5 hours of work, 15 minutes of traffic and I'm feeling great; am not tired or dreading tonight's reading and writing. I slept the night through and this must be normalcy outside the window.

Need to do laundry and catch up on a few things - forgot to turn on the dishwasher before I left and I'm out of glasses - how mundane these things, aren't they?

Didn't spend much time thinking about the weekend today and I think this is good and contrasts with the way I obsess on negative things.

Eh. Fuck it. Let's move on.

I'm making reservations for my grandmother to take the Coast Starlight from Seattle to San Diego so she can attend Jeff's graduation - yes, finally, for sure, guaranteed, nothing bars him from completion - in May. I want her to be spoiled and enjoy herself and I might send my sister to accompany her and I'm looking forward to visiting over Easter. Resigned days ahead - grandmother reports nefarious cousin Carin making outright demands When you pass, I want this and that and this and that appalls and irks me and everybody else. In April Lisa and I are tagging everything and entering items in some kind of log - of course, under the guidance of grandma, no dirty deeds here - and I find this absolutely unpleasant. I love my grandmother in that quiet way and I'm going to miss her letters and cards and her unique way of communicating. She types everything out on an old petulant typewriter and refuses to write on anything else and always ends asking for the lowdown on each other. She uses the information to tease a bit when she talks with us Ė like Jeff, I hear you still donít have a steady girlfriend and thatís fine but donít bring home any diseases from those Tijuana girls Ė or Lisa, I hear through reliable sources that you arenít being nice to Jason Ė or Jason, both of them say youíre obsessive but donít mind them as long as you donít open and shut doors a dozen times. You donít do that, do you?

An example from her latest letter:

Time to throw things into the dryer.

Have a good night and send me some emails.


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