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8:02 p.m. - October 31, 2003
Halloween: Go away
Doorbell rings, I open door, view gaggle of kids and a mother observing protectively. An American ritual in an American suburb.

Kids become excited when they see the full-size candy. I remember trick-or-treating and how prized the big loot was. Deposit into cornucopic receptors. One kid says This guy's cool and the mother says, Someone down the street is handing out plastic cutlery as a joke. Halloween isn't what it used to be and I begin to close my door. Then open it quickly, herald them back, empty the bowl into their bags.

It was worth it to hear their squeals.

Then I closed the door, turned off the light, ended my largesse.

I hope you had great Halloween fun. Ah, doesn't it make you nostalgic?


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