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3:13 p.m. - November 06, 2003
Hitting the road
Leaving for Rochester soon. No need this time to repeat the mantra I'll do fine, I'll do fine like a Tibetan prayer wheel on a hillside: I'm confident all will go not simply well but great and I will not beat myself up for perceived micro-flaws. I'm excited and hope - ah, there it is - let me amend to know - once again I'll pull it off and feel good.

You know what else would make me feel really good? Tomorrow's my birthday. Normally I avoid mentioning it and when asked directly, ignore the query. Something to do with not wanting the possibility of people forgetting, so why not be secure people don't mention because they don't know? Ah, but this is turning into a week of taking chances so it's taken.

Better yet, if you live in Rochester or Montreal, send me word and we'll go out. I'm feeling adventurous.

I'm feeling good; not manic good, not unstable good, not good-with-a-bad-feeling. Simply confident, head-clear, smile good.

Be well.


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