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3:04 p.m. - March 01, 2003
Horny Saturdays spent looking for what will not be found
Playing with the design a bit and check out the GuestMap - so you don't sign the guestbook, but damnit, Bathsheba, sign the GuestMap. And of course, anybody else who is inclined to as well. And if you happen to be one of those html dons, please educate me: The guestmap is supposed to open in a new window, a small one at that, instead of its current orientation. Send me a shout-out and I'll be pleased.


Printed out a paper copy of the manuscript and Barbara-the-Editor will have everything on her desk Monday morning. Finally, I've taken the step forward. It feels great, it really does.

So great I'm worried I actually am manic!

Everything is in the process of being backed up on CDs, except for pesky Chapter 4 - it comes in at 756 MB and won't fit on 700 MB discs. I like neat, I like order, I like everything just so and actually searched on the web for discs with more memory. Not a thing - of course, I knew that, but had to look just because - and now the DVD burner upgrade is looking better - I could put the entire book on one disc! Now that is streamlining!

Began on Book II yesterday and I can't find all my notes and it is bugging me, this feeling of having lost them. It's been so long that perhaps I never actually wrote notes but think I did?

And amidst all this I realize I'm horny, extremely so, the itch won't go away. If my dick could talk, it would whimper. Yes, that's right.

Sign the guestmap. Sign the guestbook. Send an email. Call me. I'd call you, but I don't have your number.


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