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7:45 a.m. - October 16, 2003
Electrical journeymen oh my
Going to pick up Spec at the airport in a little while. He didn't want to go away for the weekend [read: No camping] and this factor-I-could-count-on-to-prevent-discovery-of-Ryan is no longer operative so Plan B was to tell Ryan I'm going out of town and this all disintegrates like a CBS soap opera. Decided to be upfront about Spec to Ryan and - surprise! - he is not pleased. At all. Well buddy, the I'm-seeing-somebody-else-too shoe fits, or insert that goose and gander and sauce cliche that I abhor. You know, I don't really have any grounding or a concrete notion of just what the hell I'm doing. How helpless to think I'm a bystander caught up but there comes a point where you have to reach down and re-discover that yes indeed, you do have a pair. I suppose this can work for both genders. Ah, what am I talking about? If I had a pair Spec would be gone because he treats me like shit one day, wonderful the next; Ryan would be gone because I don't like the way he expects things (yet I do, somehow); and Eli, well, I don't know about him. In addition to posting a Go Away sign on my door, I should hang a notice on my ass: Closed for business.

That sends an entirely inappropriate message to you: I am not over-active in the nether regions. It's just the once-in-a-blue moon is far too often for the likes of me.


Yesterday I learned the meaning of a cute ass on a guy. A trade school - union journeymen-in-the-making, learning to be electricians, so the blue collarism and testosterone was formidable. Oz, you would have been in heaven were you not grieving over the Cubs (heh), and one guy in particular made my heart beat each time I looked at him - which was not only non-stop, but obvious. 24, blondish, every gay man's dream of an electrician come to repair your sockets. He dropped something on the floor and bent over, and I could only picture myself grabbing him by the hips and dry-humping his ass. Like a monkey, and just as quick, jumping away before anybody - especially he - noticed. It was an image that kept me laughing. I return tomorrow and then Wednesday through Friday next week.

I'm going to write a story about this one. How can I not?

Okay, revealed far too much. I'm babbling. Have a good one.


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