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11:10 a.m. - May 23, 2003
You can call me Landlord, Sir, Ruler of the Doman, Daddy, The Big Man, whichever suits both of us
I bought it! My bid was accepted and the papers were signed this morning. I'm now the owner of a three-unit complex and you can call me Sir.

Always excelled at Monopoly.

And who said the Age of Empire was over? Mine's nascent and young, but it's there and only the end of mortgage-interest tax deductions will put an end to it.

Thanks, grandma, for the money. Thanks, bank, for rock-bottom interest rates. Thanks, me, for saving my pennies. Thanks, out-of-state property owner who sold for a song. Thanks, me, again, for finding such pleasure in financial transactions and empire building.

I'm in a good mood.

I love you all!

Awww. Not really, but just a little.

Be good!


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