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2:24 p.m. - February 05, 2004
If these are the last-minute details, I wonder what the real last-minute details will be
Barbara-the-Editor: I have several action items for you.
Jason: Okay.
Barbara-the-Editor: Iíll send them via email.

That never bodes well.

1. Either eliminate one chapter, break one into two, or add a new one because even-numbers are better than odd (finally, I see how my worldview has found a temporal partner in the publishing realm! For those of you in the dark, Iím all about even numbers. Donít ask.).

2. Create a glossary for the specialized / technical lexicon as reference for readers (otherwise known as The Section for Those Too Lazy to Get a Dictionary).

3. Must index both volumes MYSELF.

4. Do some type of comprehensive web content for the (say goodbye to anonymity for sure).

5. Write acknowledgments; in typical Barbara-the-Editor professionalism, she included a list of You may not want to overlook these.

A few other minor details:

1. Make the final cover decision (down from the original 6, now thereís 3 that Iíve placed on the back burner).

2. Approve the About the Author blurb for the rear cover.

3. Reconsider my refusal to have my photo next to the bio blurb.

4. Send the names and addresses of 12 recipients who receive free copies for print reviews / free publicity / thank-you's, with one automatically for the Library of Congress (too hokey to send one to my alma mater? Is that pretentious? My advisor suggested it, as well as one to the library here and at Cal).

5. Look at the press stuff, but no decision needed until March / April-ish (which will be here far too soon).

And her parting words: Wednesday would be ideal.

The closer this thing gets to its release Ė remember, July 5, 2004 - the more I want to run away.


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