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1:44 p.m. - December 30, 2002
If I lose a day, does this mean I'm a day younger?
I thought it was Sunday this morning and while I realized the error before leaving for church, I've been puzzled all day. How did I lose track? Somewhere I literally lost a day, a 24-hour period that I cannot account for. Did I sleep away this time?

Strong evidence for the case building against me: Jason is going loony. Don't nurses and psychiatrists ask people what day is it? to discern states of reality and with-it-ness?

Yes, I laugh, but I am perturbed. I thought I was a day ahead of schedule; now I am a day behind. A mental fuck, this.

I'm tired today and the pesky headache has returned; slept in until 8 and it felt good, as did a shower under water a few degrees off scald.

Know any jokes? I need to laugh.


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