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7:02 a.m. - September 18, 2003
Lousy morning
Long day ahead, or perhaps it just feels long because I didn't sleep much or well and my body wonders what's going on since I haven't had a night like this in a while. Triggers, must work on controlling the triggers.


Last night with Ryan ended early - abruptly - unpleasantly - though he called to apologize later. I don't want to talk about it. Sorry, Oz.


Spec called and was pissed off that I was on the phone for a while - and it was too late to call him back, so this morning the phone rings and he drills me and I became angry and what a way to start a morning.


I don't fit in anywhere, not with guys, not with women, not with people.

Eh. The dog next door still likes me.


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