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9:05 a.m. - August 18, 2003
Manic Mondays are my favorite
Slept in until 7:00, lolled until 7:30 and now I'm ready for Monday. Opened the windows and doors and I see my backyard lawn is literally dead: Brown and patchy with more dirt than grass. I don't know how this happened when the rest of the plants are thriving (bastards all... thrive in my absence, suffer upon my return). It's funny to be a near-stranger in your own home, to come back and see everything wasn't frozen in time and have to investigate changes. I rather like all the changes because at minimum, it'll give me a few hours of busywork.

Carolyn and Wendy from the agency called and left a few messages; they thought I got back Wednesday and there's a lot of work headed towards me. I'm debating whether I should take a few days off or jump into the fray Wednesday. I love being missed, you know? Not in a spoiled attention-seeking manner, but in a people-care-for-me way, something that reminds me a) I'm making progress and b) I have a long way to go because I don't think people miss me, or expect / want them to. Ah, basket-caseology reserved for tomorrow.

To Do:

Must call Dr. Indy.

Must go to bank.

Wash Jeep.

Dust furniture.

Sweep floors.

Clean bathrooms.



Update computer with downloaded software.

Retrieve mail.

Read National Geographic.

Go to grocery store.

Write 3 emails to 3 people (points for me if I actually do it).

Take neighbor's dog for walk.

Determine fate of lawn.

That's today.

I'm glad to be home.


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