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12:40 p.m. - January 08, 2004
On the mentee and becoming an official mentor
Met with my mentee this morning and folks, its going to be a long 6 weeks. He is doing the first phase of his internship under me, so he will go where I go, work where I work, shadow me where I walk, for 15 hours per week, with an additional 5 hours of related mentoring (skills, ethics, legal aspects) on top of that. Im going to call him Steve.

First thing he does is squeal. A literal squeal. Expresses how happy he is he got his first choice (me), how much hes looking forward to shadowing me, how he had a great New Years, how hes finally found a cheaper place to stay and thankfully rents are decreasing, about his visit home for Christmas (someplace in Illinois), about how interesting the articles Ive written are and hes excited even though hes heard I can be intimidating and exacting, and this is his name sign because he likes to dance isnt it cool? and is it true I took and passed all three national exams on the same day, in a few hours? And what was it like to be a coda, hes going to enjoy getting to know me, hes seen me work and how exciting to meet me, hes seen my father do storytelling competitions and hes so good, and my mother, hes never met her but would like to oh, she doesnt live here? That sucks - and how cool to have Deaf grandparents and

All this in about two or three minutes.

Steve talks far too fast for any sort of comfort on my behalf. His paperwork says hes 23 but he strikes me as a very young shade. Im making the effort to be nice, supportive, professional and keeping my eyes on the clock, not a good way to start off.

Damn professional obligations. Damn agencies and training programs collusion. Damn people who think ASL and interpreting is sooooo cooooool.

Stimuli overload!

I am sorry to note that perhaps a major source of my antipathy arises from his flamboyance. I was embarrassed sitting across from him in the caf what if people thought we were together? In that regard, this mentee may be able to teach me something, but Im not going to broadcast.


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