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9:03 a.m. - January 29, 2003
At least I didn't put the milk in the freezer like I did before
This morning I made a new batch of cereal - Kashi (for the crunchy colon-friendly fiber), Corn flakes (for the mush and a flossing challenge), dried sugar-free cranberries (for the bitter) - and added the fresh blueberries and poured orange juice instead of my soy milk into the bowl. I could see the humor and briefly wondered why not and took a bite and yes, it was nasty and into the garbage went all. So I had grapes and honeydew and slightly orange-flavored blueberries I fished out of the bowl and all is well.


Last night Bathsheba asks, So what did you do today other than go to school? and there was nothing to say in response. You can't say you go to school and then come home and sit and to say anything else would be a lie. How long now have I been blue-ish?

Not even the yellow daisies perk me up, but the daffodils are coming soon. Has winter passed already? Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees and my backyard is covered with the daffodil, tulip, and other bulb shoots. And the roses! Still going strong; aren't they ever dormant? The cala lilies are blooming and I think today, since I don't have class and am not working, I'll spend some time outside.


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