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12:24 p.m. - March 06, 2003
Some Barbara-the-Editor-inspired thoughts
Barbara-the-Editor is immensely pleased to have the entire manuscript in her hands, finally, but she’d like another introduction. Sigh. Let the blood-letting begin, eh? Apparently the current introduction is insufficient; I must probe deeper, elucidate, propound. Am I to dread the ringing of my phone before close of business on the East coast from now on? It is her job to ensure perfection beyond my own jaded interpretation and one she does well though I thought my perfection was surely perfection. But no. A new introduction – by Monday, please – and yes, that is the pull of the collar around my neck.

There are thousands of pre-orders for my book. I want to say that again: My book. Mine. Is it vainglory or puffery to be (overly?) proud of this? It’s finally sinking in, dropping its albatross shape in favor of – royalty checks? Damn, that’s the first thing that came to mind. Now that is distressing.

My book. It is a relief to be done, to have it sitting before someone other than myself who will fine-tooth. My book, all 450 + pages. I’m pleased I kept the original dedication – To my parents – and my brother and sister are going to have to wait for the next ones to come out for their inscriptions.

Recall that there are 5 books left to write. Five!

So what the hell am I doing on Diaryland?!

My book.

Barbara-the-Editor just called again. No, no, no, no: My photo does not go on the back cover. Period. She says Okay but I know this is not the last of it. The book hits the presses when?

My book, folks.

Have a great day.


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