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8:45 p.m. - April 27, 2003
Brief glimpse of my secret place
Went to church this morning and absorbed stellar exegesis complete with a live demo of the burning bush and Man (in guise of candle and paper) to highlight the role of Christ痴 provision of intimacy and literal rapprochement. Intimacy, rapprochement, the privilege of approaching our patient God; I致e been reflecting on the themes all day.

I知 glad I went.

A new Messianic congregation has formed and I値l check it out soon. As much as I enjoy the Christian liturgy, I miss the Jewish elements of worship, particularly the sh知a. I remember how excited I was when I found a congregation in Seattle where the service was in Hebrew; it felt like coming home.

So with much on my mind, I went up to my secret place to read and think. I brought along the digital camera I bought on Friday and while the shots are amateurish, I知 excited. Purchased the camera on Friday, felt guilty all day Saturday, opened the box and piddled before going to church. I知 glad I did something for myself note: original locution had 都elfish following 都omething; it痴 that guilt incurred by luxuries and spending money on myself.

My secret place is literally a hidden glen and in all the years I致e come here, I致e never encountered anybody else remotely near. The glen is verdant year-round, even during the summer, thanks to a creek and being nestled. It痴 all mine I致e never even come across a tarantula during Indian summer痴 mating season. I致e only brought Spec and A[deleted]a there and with her, it was at night so she couldn稚 find her way back.

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