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6:20 a.m. - March 13, 2003
Entropy, Newtonian physics, assessments
I stepped on a snail this morning, bare feet and all. It was nasty and unfortunately one of the green type and how delicate the crunch was followed by the pulp.

I can't write any more, it seems; it's more I don't want to write any more. You notice how I go in circles, revisiting my catalogue o'hurts and don't learn from the past and move forward? Someone said my writing is depressing, another said I have zero humor - neither reason enough for me to privilege them over myself, but it's true. I don't read the archives because I don't want to see how little distance I've traversed, almost as if there's an expectation that improvement is a given and the ground covered between points in time the assessment.

I'll think about this later.


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