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9:06 p.m. - November 18, 2003
Not quite the baseline yet
Investigating coming-out support groups.


A few things I offer:

quiet walks

camping trips

an uncanny skill at trivia

dumb jokes I don't share with anybody else because I don't want to look stupid

I laugh a lot

love to learn new things

am brave when I least expect to be

I listen, inquire, listen some more

can easily orient myself: If we get lost, follow me

value character over pride and vanity

little things make me happy

I listen attentively even when I disagree

I'm a great travelmate

make my own trail mix (ask for ingredients)

animals like me

I'm supposed to add to the list from time to time.


There is much that I want that I dismiss. Why long for an end to rainy days when there are umbrellas to be had.

I say the dumbest things.

Eh. I like that about me.


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