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7:20 p.m. - October 20, 2003
A quiet Monday, like old sand
Barbara-the-Editor called today, even though it's not Thursday. As of last Friday, my book is approved in California so the Big Four, as these states are called (Cali, New York, Texas, Florida), guarantees a certain clout, not to mention sales. My stomach hurts when I try to add up royalties.

Anyway, the book will be released July 3, 2004.

Also, I'm going to Des Moines, Iowa in December for a weekend. $500 the first day, $350 the next, and I'm beginning to feel like Barbara-the-Editor - hell, the whole company - is my pimp and I'm the ho let out to the highest bidder.

When can I call myself a writer?


I don't know how I drive people away, but I do. Ah, writing about this makes me feel 10 years old and dumb. Note to self: Don't need anybody, don't want anybody, no worries.

Simple, right?


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