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8:35 p.m. - October 28, 2003
On the prowl?
Horny. Going to meet a guy and if all is well, I'm going to get laid.

More later.

How quickly I'm falling into using sex to mitigate loneliness.

Later (12:30 a.m.)

Damn, it was good. Tired. Going to bed. He's a cuddler. I like that. A great kisser. A goatee. Good teeth. Nice breath. He flosses. His cum is sweet. Yes, you read that right. Very tired and there is a dog barking. Worried he gave me a hickey but partially thrilled. He's smart, anthropology. Broad, very broad shoulders. Even after he came he kissed. When I came he wanted to kiss and I pushed him away, then reconsidered and took him by the head. Spicy. A few firsts tonight, all at once, like dominoes.

Though slightly ashamed, I can't stop grinning.


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