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10:24 a.m. - August 31, 2003
Were I to spell overslept as overslepped would anybody raise an eyebrow?
I overslept this morning and missed church, missed an hour's writing, missed starting laundry and just now am I sitting down to begin The Big Writing Push. I must be done with this chapter sometime Monday in order to send it first thing Tuesday morning (two things: Who says Labor Day is free from rest, and secondly, thank God the post office takes the day off because Barbara-the-Editor can't force them to work).

Strange dreams I don't recall, and slept like a ocelet all night. To wake up at 10:00 a.m. is unheard of and while I'm not panicky, this is a bad start to the day. (See, it's my attitude that needs adjusting. How happier, more content, more fulfilled could I be were I able to let go a bit?)

I miss Eli already. I'm unsure whether he's gone but you know me: I don't do what I want, I do what I don't, and I can't tell the difference.


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