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6:06 p.m. - January 04, 2003
Packages that come in the mail with my name on them are eagerly received
Picked up my mail today and there were packages galore and it was like Christmas all over again and wasn't Christmas just a couple days ago? A cookbook from Bathsheba, titled A cookbook for a man who probably only owns one saucepan (eerie, that) with directions like Wash the potatoes and chop off any pieces you wouldn't want to eat. This is the guide for me although it calls for white pepper more than once (sheesh. Gourmets are so damn finicky). Then, behind door number two was my Levenger order and I'm now stockpiled to my office-supply-loving-heart's-content and behind door number three was The Mists of Avalon in a special edition I hunted high and low for.

I have a few hundred of these types of leather-bound books (you know I count my books, right? I know off the top of my head that I have 244 of these volumes. It's a sickness, isn't it?) and mmmmm when I opened the first volume and smelled the leather and paper, I was in heaven. What's that line about cups running over?

Very nice day and I've been hard at work doing the conference proposals. Decided to cause a stir and my proposals better be accepted. If not, I'll just have to hold court anyways.

I'm off. It's Saturday night and I'm sure we each have better things to do. On my end, I'm cleaning the bathroom. Yes, that's right; unfortunately, I derive far too much pleasure from scrubbing.

Good night.

And why is it that the font color under the pics is white? Things like this push me over the edge.


10:35 p.m. Update

Thanks, Mal, for the fix.


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