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11:07 a.m. - October 02, 2003
Quickly, cast your pearls before swine
HOLY SHIT I'm interpreting for Sarah Mc-however you spell her last name.

This is turning into the year of celebrities: President Bush, Willie Brown, Jerry Brown, Dean in November, Jane Goodall next week. And now Sarah.

Whoo hoo. I'm marginally excited; I don't sign music in front of strangers as a general rule so this will be tough. Of course, I do the Christmas Eve stuff, but that's different somehow.

And Dana's emailed me twice. Hearing from ex-girlfriends after a long period disturbs the "out of sight, never existed" paradigm within which I operate.

May I also say I'm interpreting a lecture on the psychology of gay and lesbian minorities and I'm intrigued. I'm a Stage 3 on the coming out process and this is simply weird to sign about men in denial, men who cling to I'm bisexual, men who prefer conflict to resolution because they fear the end product. Very interesting. Must go - just wanted to share with you the fame and glory that will soon be mine. San Francisco. Sarah Mc-whatever. Me. Whoo hoo.


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