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7:29 a.m. - November 20, 2003
Where are my pennies from heaven?
Noted on a Lichert scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the highest, with 1 = zero frustration / annoyance / obsession and 10 = maximum, sending me a paycheck that is .26 short is a 9. I've been over and over my invoices trying to find the discrepancy and it is not because I am miserly and can't bear missing .26, it's the principle of the matter: Where did I make the mistake? And yeah, perhaps the agency erred but you think I'm going to call and say Hey! Where's my .26? [editor's note: Just like Better off Dead's Where's my two dollars?!]

I'm trying to ignore this and allow (glaring) inconsistency for the sake of mellowing out but damn it, somebody throw me a quarter and a penny, wouldja?

I get worked up over the (craziest)(disturbing)(crazier) silliest things.

Where's my .26?

Other than that, I'm doing well. *toothy grin*


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