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6:03 p.m. - September 07, 2003
Secret Place #2
How quickly the weather changed today from warm to autumnal in a matter of hours. Some live for the summer, I live for the cold gusts off the bay and what qualifies as the rainy season, and the darkness that envelopes and muffles, the creaks and groans of my house, the crackle of the fireplace. I'm not fooled into wishful anticipation because I know well to wait until the end of September. I was never intended to live in California.

Spec came with me to church and was mischievous and I kept thinking about that (one) time I finger-fucked Tasha in the middle of the congregation. I once was daring and the exhibitionist but now - well, I'm Ward Cleaver in Eddie Bauer and Rockports. After church we went to the rental unit to sign off the tenant that departed - and who's to say God doesn't look out for you? This means I can charge far higher rent just when I need the income - and the carpets will be cleaned Tuesday. If you or anybody you know seeks shelter in the heart of (over-priced and housing-scarce) Silicon Valley, this is what I offer:

2 bedroom, 1 bath single-level triplex unit located east of downtown San Jose. 4 blocks to San Jose State University. New roof, new kitchen, new carpet, updated bathroom. Small cat/dog acceptable. $1,580/month.

The frightening reality is that the property manager says I could charge $300-400 more but that seems evil. Business sense, yes, but a fair amount of common-man ideals remain yet. I had fun showing Spec around my nascent empire, and then it was off to Secret Place #2 and while he protested at first about trespassing -Jason, I am in law enforcement / Yes, but you're just an analyst and not a field agent- over the wall he went. A mini-picnic on the lawn, dangling feet into the fountain and follwoing the channel leading to the reflecting pool. Talked about our fathers for some reason and I savor the tidbits he shares and can see why some - many - most - people feel I induce frustration because I don't open up. We fooled around some and then left, but not back over the wall - just around the little gate nobody seems to use. Why hop the wall then? Because it's more fun and how much more one enjoys the experience if you've had to work for it, right?

Secret Place #2 is semi-public and where I go when I want to be near people yet far enough way to avoid engagement and listen to the fountain. It is a special place. Here's a photo of the mariachi band that keeps me company when I'm there:


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