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12:13 p.m. - October 07, 2003
Disenfranchised! Marginalized! I smell a Democratic rat.
Go to cast my vote and I'm not listed on the registrar! The poll attendant wasn't sure why or what to do other than say Huh. That's strange and finally a woman told him to check another list and there I was - a relief - but this woman said I was on the secondary registrar because I hadn't voted in the last election. Um, no. I wonder if I can get the ACLU to back me up were I to contest the previous election's outcome. I mean, if my white male, above average income, suburban Republican ballot was overlooked, perhaps others missed out on the political process as well. Ah, sarcasm, all. Maybe if I was a minority. Oh, that was bad.

So I voted.

Determined to have a better afternoon.


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