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6:38 a.m. - May 07, 2003
Some pre-shower thoughts
Still no final word regarding housing at the university, near the university, or away/far from the university. I don't feel reassured by the We're working on it communiqués from the office. I will be teaching five courses - four regular, one intensive - June through the end of August.

So. There goes my summer. Planned, boxed, put on the shelf.

By September I must complete Book II for publication and release in January 2004. Then there's the "special project" Barbara-the-Editor has asked me to complete by the end of the summer since I'll be on the East coast anyway. I'm a fool for saying yes.

The pattern of throwing myself into work to avoid thinking is alive and well. Last night I thought about the previous summer and the trip through the Carolinas and I admit, I'm feeling a bit dismal. The mind is playing tricks: I think I miss him but it's just memories on replay.


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