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7:16 a.m. - August 12, 2003
A quickie - no, not that kind. That was earlier; this is now.
I came out to the housemate last night.

It's difficult not to when caught in flagrante fellatio.

I'm up late this morning - I'm still in the townhouse and both Spec and I are horny and I ache after last night and so does he and I like this even playing field though I doubt I will ever understand the daddy thing. The more I fuck Spec, the nicer he's becoming. Who knew?

And you know, I'm glad I'm not as hung as Spec (okay, fine) because it just means I can jump on top and insert all the faster. Whoo hoo. That's the way to look at things, eh?

I'm silly. It's from a distinct lack of sleep and very few bodily fluids left, dehydrating my brain or something like that.

Spec's coming with me again to the office and I like that, I like that a whole lot.

Be good and sign the guestbook, eh?


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