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7:29 a.m. - July 17, 2003
Quickly now
A beautiful morning, clear blue non-hazy sky, my laptop is newly operational, and I'm smiling. Am uncertain how to capture last night and will likely do so in a private entry.

The Squirrely T.A. failed me. I had to take over and rescue his lecture. The guy had no shame afterwards other than issuing exculpatory and pithy statements regarding the students' lack of adequate preparation. I had to nip that one immediately and mentioned his lecture disintegrated the moment he pulled out his notes and began to read. Even I was tempted to put my head down and how disappointing, given that the power and language topic can be divisive? I rescued and all went well and I need to determine how I can prevent him from lecturing again though I'm obligated to allow him three lectures. Argh. What bothered me most was his attitude - they were the problem, not him - and he needs to learn that it's not about the professor/teacher/lecturer, it's about the students and knowing how to lead them into a position where they can take off on their own. That's the real teaching. Put agendas aside, eh?

Here's a practical, tech-type question probably best suited to This Way: If I were to download a software program from, say, Kazaa, how do you get it operational? I mean, is something like that zipped and it's simply a matter of unzipping and presto! or what? Here at the university I have a fast connection and I'm tempted, oh so tempted but lack the know-how and cannot ask. If you're interested in charitable works, contact me.

I'm off.

Be good.


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