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4:29 p.m. - December 29, 2003
It's raining something here in my house
Quite the storm outside and I laid on the floor looking out the big window to watch the backyard flood until it became too dark, and now I'm listening to the pound on the roof. No pitter-patter for me; the roof creaks and seems to resent this deluge. I say bring it on and more, a repeat performance of this morning's drive across the bridge in whipping winds driving too fast, being buffeted sideways and blinded by rain coming head-on. This rain means the hills will blaze green in a few days and the tarantulas and snakes will hide away, meaning my secret spot will become welcome ground again.

This is pizza weather.

I love storms.


Don't you have a deadline coming up?

How could I forget?

Seeking new journals to read, since my stand-bys have dried up like an old dog's sex drive. Update, people, update.


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