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6:22 p.m. - December 29, 2002
Read this often and remember it
I'm thinking, If I didn't have this book, what would I have? Not much of anything at all, and I know this, I know this is likely behind my drive and long term plans. Part of the Plan is to step beyond my refuges and see what's beyond and so I shall. I'm hopeful.

I must wash my hands and that calls for a clean-the-desk moment, beginning with the keyboard. Damn fingerprints everywhere and before that I'll light some candles and listen to music and answer the phone when it rings - for it will, it must - and be pleasant and welcoming and experience the vibration. Experience the vibration? What the hell does that mean? Eh. My brain is mushy and I long for people.

Remember this, Jason: Where you are now is not where you were today and everything is worth everything.


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