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7:48 a.m. - May 06, 2003
Reprise, surmise, chatechise
Busy days before and ahead.

Days Before, in reverse chronology:

Last night went to a cinco de mayo get-together and as I looked around the table I thought These are my friends. A vanguard realization.

I am deeply ashamed of Sunday though when I think about it I become aroused in such a way I can't reflect on the negative. At one point my eyes surely rolled into the back of my head and I surrendured and was sublime.

Earlier Sunday I took communion.

Saturday I went to the ocean and the beach was deserted; I watched the rain and waves, became drenched, and had hot chocolate in a cafe. Met a guy who thinks I'm cute. Me!

Friday I worked with President Bush and had a blast. The secret service reminded me of Spec and I was disappointed in myself for thinking of him. Perhaps I ought not say I worked with Bush, though that's what interpreters tend to say. Dither, dather, I don't care. I could become used to VIP status and the spread in the back room attended by sycophants, though I'm not that much a fan of hand-shaking. President Bush has a firm grip and I am surprised by how much pleasure I gleaned that morning. I am less pleased about the photos that were sent out; I am not photogenic by any stretch.

Now: It is time for me to go to work.

Future: I will call him again, though I am shy and struggle to maintain conversation.


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