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11:57 p.m. - January 11, 2003
Pilar and Scrabble, the good and the bad mixed carefully, balanced precariously
Family night literally with my brother and sister and Monopoly followed by Scrabble after watching Signs (the Mel Gibson movie) since Jeff refused to see The Two Towers. Brother is here until Tuesday and sister home from skiing Lake Tahoe and $1,500 pocketed, courtesy the gambling game where cards can't exceed 21 in value or something like that. We laughed a lot and I'm glad the three of us could gather like flotsam, a confluence of near-strangers who should know each other better. Made uncinate from -ate, agglutination from +nation, tenebrific from +ten and took the bonuses, then remembered these opportunities of siblinghood come rarely and resorted to zoo, have, saw and I lost and brother and sister crowed until they both looked at each other and then ganged up on me, tickling and we laughed, they saying You lost on purpose! you lost on purpose! and it felt good to think Yes, I did and I'm glad.


Found out today that Pilar died Christmas Eve and her baby two days before. Pilar was a Christian of the most sincere and beatific type and I know, I know, but I do not understand. The ugliness that's a tidal wave ebbs closer.


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