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5:09 p.m. - June 19, 2003
Serendipity and death
Going to a concert tonight with Marti and already I'm having a great time here in Washington.

I have two teaching assistants, one new and one returning; one guess who's returned.

When I came in this morning it was like I left yesterday; I feel at home here. And everybody went out of their way to say hello and hug (and 1 point for me, I accepted the hugs) and I felt like Mr. Popularity.

Then the shit: My entire teaching schedule has changed since Tuesday. In a not-good way yet good way. I'm now teaching a combined 6 week course 6 hours a day, 3 hours on child language cognition and 3 hours on adult language cognition. [Cognition = not just language acquisition / learning, but also neurochemistry, neurology, biochemical processes, applied linguistics, cognitive functioning and schema building; in other words, far more fun than just plain ol' language acquisition & linguistics] Holy fucking shit - this is my dream assignment - but that means this weekend, I'm putting together a course that is the bomb (is that right, Twids? [Editor's note: Perhaps it's da bom? I don't know.] and worth a few more dollars. Why me? Because a professor died and they have me; serendipity?

I'm in a good mood and what a great way to start off my summer.

Will write more.

Be good.


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