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11:51 p.m. - June 14, 2003
A quick thought
I long for conversation that doesn’t need to be explained, an opportunity in which I don’t feel self-conscious or observed, and can talk without recrimination or judgment. I’m disillusioned with being the listener.

Via this journal I’ve:

•Written real-life letters and talked to Kodachrome on many occasions;

•Spoken to Lorster on many occasions;

•Spoken to Twids on several occasions on the telephone but mostly we IM each other;

•Met, breakfasted, and bookshopped with Hulamoons;

•Spoken for 20 minutes with John;

•Spent lots of time hanging out with Shannon.

I worry the internet, this journal, the telephone, are becoming the most salient links between myself and the outside. I would like people who know me in vivo to know me as well as those who know me via this causerie.

An ancillary worry is that I’m forgetting, or have forgotten, how to make friends. How silly is that?


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